With Cigno, there’s nothing hidden.

No surprises, no catches, no worries.

As a reference point, below is a breakdown of what it might cost you. For more information, view our Disclosures & Authorisations.

Cigno's fees

Financial supply fee:

1 repayment – 0.35 x principal amount
2 repayments – 0.45 x principal amount
3 repayments – 0.60 x principal amount
4 repayments – 0.75 x principal amount

Account keeping fee:

$5.95 per week


Same-day deposit fee – $16.00
Priority transfer fee – $16.00

Additional fees:

In the event of your loan deviating from its original contract, additional fees and charges may apply.

For more information, please refer to Disclosures & Authorisations.

Lender fees:

The lender will change a fixed fee of 5% of the loan amount borrowed.